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Not all road traffic accidents involve two motor vehicles. The riders of pedal cycles are especially vulnerable and frequently become involved in collisions with motor vehicles mainly due to lack of visibility of the rider to the driver of the motor vehicle. A solicitors cycle accident compensation claim will normally succeed as there is an extremely high duty of care placed on the drivers of motor vehicles in respect of riders of both bicycles and motorbikes. Motorists simply fail to see cyclists or if they do it is often already too late to avoid a collision as they fail to take into consideration the existence of bikes on the road.

Serious Injury

Cyclists know and accept that if they are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle that they will inevitably come off worst. A cycle accident compensation claim is often substantial due to severe injuries that can be inflicted on an unprotected cyclist. A cyclist is in a very vulnerable situation being completely exposed, without any protection in an impact. If there is a side impact a cyclists legs are completely exposed and if they get flung from their bikes the likelihood of a head injury is high even when wearing protective gear.

High Risk Behaviour

Cyclists should also be aware that they have the same duties and responsibilities as motorists when they are out on the road. There are frequent reports of cyclists taking unnecessary risks including trying to beat red lights so they can avoid stationary traffic or weaving in and out of fast moving cars. These people may be in the minority but their behaviour puts them at high risk of injury which may not attract an award of damages in a cycle accident compensation claim or any award that is made can be reduced on the basis of contributory negligence.

Self Protection

Motorists should give cyclists respect and recognise them as legitimate road users, especially in view of the fact that they are not required to carry insurance as are the drivers of a motor vehicle. Cyclists should realise the potentially danger that they are in when riding on busy roads and should take the necessary precaution to protect themselves as much as possible.

Cycle Accident Solicitors

Our cycle accident solicitors provide a level of excellence in the specialist field of cycle accident compensation claims which takes a high level of commitment, substantial investment and constant training. Our lawyers offer the no win no fee scheme and will give free advice without any further obligation. If you would like to speak to a qualified solicitor just use the helpline or email our offices.

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