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When you’re involved in a vehicle collision it’s important to make sure that you take proper advice from a qualified lawyer on motor accident compensation claims. It doesn’t matter if you’re the driver, a passenger or a pedestrian your rights and your interests are equally important. Legal protection for the right to claim damages for personal injury from a negligent third party is universal and each one of us has the right to make a motor accident claim to recover compensation for loss.

Vehicle Repair

As the driver of a vehicle, your priority will usually be to make sure that your vehicle is repaired swiftly so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible, prior to considering a motor accident compensation claim. If your vehicle is totally destroyed and is written off by the insurers then you can expect to be compensated within a few weeks provided that there is no dispute in regards to liability for the accident. If your vehicle is repaired you can also often claim further compensation for loss of value on the open market as a repaired vehicle is worth less than a vehicle in original condition.

Hire Car

If you are insured on a fully comprehensive basis and initially make a car accident claim on your own policy then your insurers will deduct any agreed excess from the sum paid to you however our motor accident claim solicitors can usually re-claim this deduction from the negligent third party or their insurers. A number of insurance companies provide courtesy cars while your vehicle is being repaired. If your insurance company does not offer this service then you can hire a similar car and claim the cost from the third party. Other vehicle expenses that can be claimed include storage and recovery charges or any other reasonably incurred costs or charges.

Third Party Insurance

If you only have third party insurance then you can only claim for repairs or replacement if the other driver was the one at fault for the accident. If you were to blame then your third party insurance does not cover your losses however it does cover injury to any passenger or party other than the driver who can make a motor accident compensation claim against you which will be indemnified by your third party insurers.

Duty of Care

As a driver of any vehicle you have a ‘duty of care’ to other road users which means that you must take reasonable care for the safety of other people. If you are involved in a collision it is your duty to stop and exchange details with the other people who are involved. If you or any other person in your vehicle suffered personal injury then you should immediately report the matter to the police and keep the incident number that the police will give you. You should then give this information to your solicitor which will help them in making a motor accident claim for compensation for personal injury and any financial losses that you may have sustained.

Medical Evidence

If you do suffer any injuries as a result of a collision that was not wholly your fault then prior to making a motor accident injury claim you need to get you get your medical condition well documented and you should seek immediate medical advice from the emergency room of your local hospital and/or your own local doctor. It doesn’t matter if your injuries are relatively minor, the rule of thumb here is that it is better to be safe than sorry and arrange to be examined. If the doctor prescribes any medicine to you and you are required to pay for your medication then keep the receipt as proof of your expenses.

Insurance Company

Try to talk to a motor accident solicitor about your potential injury claim as soon as you can so that the incident is still fresh in your mind and you won’t forget any of the fine details. Additionally you must inform your own insurance company about the incident and also inform them of any injuries that you have suffered even if collision was not your fault. There are some injuries that will take a few days to become apparent. If this does happen then contact your insurance company again and report these subsequent symptoms or injuries.

Specialist Lawyer

Searching for a motor accident solicitor to represent you in a personal injury compensation claim does at first glance appear to be quite easy. There are so many solicitors advertising in all forms of the media that it seems as though you can have your pick of anyone you chose. Unfortunately there is however a problem in that not all law firms have a motor accident claim solicitor who has adequate experience to handle personal injury compensation claims.

Motor Accident Solicitor

Many law firms are now veering away from the “multi disciplinary” approach and are instead just focusing on the core skills in which they excel. Some of these firms only deal with commercial law or legal matters that are not contentious. Some smaller practices focus on family matters including divorce, custody, wills, conveyancing and tax planning. There are also law firms that exclusively deal with criminal representation or small niche practices that only handle media or libel law. A specialist motor accident solicitor will only deal with contentious personal injury cases arising out of a vehicle collision.

Our motor accident claim solicitors provide a level of excellence in the specialist field of vehicle accident claims which takes a high level of commitment, substantial investment and constant training. Our lawyers offer the no win no fee scheme and will give advice at no cost and without any further obligation. If you would like to speak to a qualified solicitor just use the helpline or email our offices.

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